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Collectiveffort is a Creative Agency within the community development space who’s focus is in building and bridging communities. We specialize in building creative ecosystems in emerging creative economies designed to increase engagement, collaboration & sustainability. Our business is made of three segments: Community-Centered Marketing, Media Production & Community Development (coworking)


As a member of [CE] Coworking, we are your support system, preparing you for the next level of your career or starting life as an independent.  As a client of [CE] Marketing & Media, we bridge the gap between your organization, your target audience & the community you reside in. We use our knowledge of media, marketing, & community building to boost sales & social capital.

[01] marketing 
& consulting
  • social media content creation

  • branding & design

  • digital strategy

  • experience design

  • market research & reporting

  • community development 

  • training & workshop development

  • digital monetization 

  • product development

  • organizational development

  • cooperative development

  • project management


[02] Studio Rental
  • photo & video shoots

  • showcases

  • movie room

  • meeting room 

  • events & pop-ups

  • social experiences

  • mobile music production

[03] media
  • web series development + production

  • network series development + production

  • documentary filmmaking

  • live streaming

  • production consulting 

our clients

click logo for video (Freihofer, Puma, Under Armour)

our reflection

Emerging creative economies are reshaping communities across the country. We've seen the change take place in cities like Brooklyn, San Francisco & Austin. Creatives make culture without the infrastructure or education to take advantage of the impact of their efforts. They, along with other's in low income communities are pushed out by gentrification while, culture becomes a commodity. So we ask, what can be done to preserve this culture and the people that create it?

our vision

Our answer is to build & sustain communities through media, marketing & community development. We build creative ecosystems designed to produce talent & healthier live/work opportunities by creating pathways for communities to empower one another. We imagine the development of cities to be built from within, placing creatives at the center to be supported & protected.  

our approach

We listen. We design. We implement. We take insights from community engagement done digitally & traditionally, and then make those insights real with conscious design. We work with Fortune 100 clients, local/state gov't & community groups for the same reason: Diverse professional experiences allow us to identify and attack problems from unexpected directions. We are driven by data, inspired by impact, and committed to cost-effective solutions.

let's build

Tel: (518) 752-3007

15 2nd St Troy, NY 12180


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