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Our Services

Collectiveffort is a Creative Agency turned Social Enterprise who’s focus is in building and bridging communities. We specialize in building creative ecosystems in emerging creative economies designed to increase engagement & collaboration. Our core business segments are Digital Marketing, Media Production & Community Development


As a member of  [CE] Coworking, we are your support system, preparing you for the next level of your career or starting life as an independent.  As a client of [CE] Marketing & Media, we bridge the gap between your organization, your target audience & the community you reside in. We use our knowledge of media, marketing, & community building to boost sales & social capital.

[01] marketing & media
  • social media mgmt  

  • social media content creation

  • branding & design

  • digital strategy

  • web development

  • experience design

  • market research & reporting

  • product launch

  • web series development + production

  • network series development + production

  • documentary filmmaking

  • live streaming


[02] coworking
  • community seating

  • dedicated desks

  • hot desks

  • video production suite  

  • movie room

  • meeting/conference rooms 

  • events & pop-ups

  • social experiences 

  • rental space

  • mobile music production

[03] consulting
  • community development 

  • training & workshop development

  • content channel distribution

  • media production consulting 

  • digital monetization

  • product development

  • organizational development

  • cooperative development

  • project management


The Collective

our reflection

We are in a long and chaotic present. As new creative economies emerge, a new kind of worker has arrived and they are smarter, more skilled and courageous about our coming challenges. But that person feels a hole in their heart as they work: the old familiar ways of working and living have changed. New ways of living have to replace them and fast if we have any hope of meeting the problems of today with the solutions of the future.

our vision

We are creating a world where new kinds of spaces and flexible working arrangements serve this new worker. When creative insight encounters organized resources, magic can happen. When we make sure that creatives have the tools and environments that they need, economic balance lead by a new economy can address issues of gentrification, income inequality, and negative impacts on the social determinants of health.

our approach

We listen. We design. We implement. We take insights from community engagement and then make those insights real with conscious design. We work with Fortune 100 clients and local community groups for the same reason: Diverse professional experiences allow us to identify and attack problems from unexpected directions. We are driven by data, inspired by impact, and committed to cost-effective solutions.

Music Recording

Book the Green Room

Podcasting | Music Recording | Listening Sessions | Movie Night

Book the Green Room for all your private creative needs. The room comes equipped with a Rodecaster (podcasting for 4), 2 Yamaha HS5s + Apollo Solo (USB port for mac & PC) for recording sessions, a projector with Bose 360 Revolve speakers for movie nights!  Download our App below and book today!



Albany Center Gallery & Collectiveffort team up to put on a BIPOC Art Show series at both locations for the Fall. All art types are eligible for submission! SUBMISSION DEADLINE AUGUST 30 11:59pm. Apply NOW!


our clients

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let's build

Tel: (518) 752-3007

415 River St Troy,NY 12180


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